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Highlighted Triathlon Race


                             These races should not need any introduction.   If you are fast, or want to test yourself, go to Clermont and race any 
of their races, from the ever changing dynamics of the three race segments made up for sprint triathlons, to one of the oldest long distance 
triathlons in the world, the Great Floridian.
                         In the last two and a half years to three years, triathlon had a pandemic as well as gas pricing woes, as all of us did, 
bar none.  We all found ways to keep going, stay active in the sport we love, and to strengthen our resolve by staying focused on what
we do and how we train, all for Race Day.
                        So did Fred Sommer, and so did all of the other Race Directors around our state as well as throughout our Country,
and around the world!  Perseverance is a responsible and mature way of looking at life, and so is the sport of triathlon.
                        With a new year right around the corner and a new racing season about ready to ramp itself up in our state of 
Florida, let's support our Race Directors, and let's get tested on our speed, by signing up where it is still seen as the World Triathlon Destination,
Clermont, Florida!
                        Check out the races, Sommer Sports will be offering for the 2023 triathlon racing season, and include one of them in your 
Race Schedule for a fun filled, though fast, triathlon experience that we need to get back instilled into our hearts, mind and soles!
                        Here are the website, information and other links, including a phone number, to Sommer Sports, in Clermont, Florida:

                                                   info@Sommer   (352) 394-1320