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Coach Bill Floyd

USAT Certified Coach, Level II
USA Cycling Certified Coach, Elite Level

Coach Bill at the ITU World Championships in Beijing.

USAT Certified CoachI am a USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Level II, which qualifies me to coach an Olympian. The USA Triathlon Coaching Certification Program is aligned with the United States Olympic Committee's goals for long range planning of athlete and coaching development. USAT, also, abides by the USOC's Coaching Code of Ethics . We even have to be certified in First Aid and CPR and pass a background check, every two years. And, I was selected for USAT's Elite Mentorship Program and have assisted the staff coaches at the U. S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. In addition, I have earned from USA Cycling, an Elite Level Coaching Certification (only about 50 of us in the entire world.)

When you are selecting a coach, there are many areas that you have to look at before choosing. Winning triathlons is an important consideration, to a point. However, winning does not necessarily mean you know how to coach, teach, advise, and to lead to victory.

My background includes working in billion-dollar corporation environments that are demanding and fast paced. They push you to the limits and teach you stress levels that are world class, yet, manageable. In more than one company I had the honor and privilege to be selected as the District/Regional trainer. In fact, if it were not for a family illness, I would have been the Director of Training and Development for an extremely profitable division of a 58+ billion dollar corporation. Plus, I have had the good fortune to be promoted to District and S. E. Regional Manager in these large companies. Because of my skills and achievements, I was selected Manager of the Year. And, my degree is in Mass Communications, sequence in advertising, from the University of South Florida. So my experience gives you skills that are directed and honed to bring out the best in you. The impact you may achieve: I have coached triathletes to the U. S. National Championships, and, to the World Championships. Plus, I am Nationally and World ranked and a two time member TEAM USA.

In a short synopsis, read about some of my athletic, managerial, training, and leadership backgrounds. Then you will make a stronger decision when you select me as your coach.

By utilizing current written materials and gaining insight through visionary prowess, observation of the mechanical and technical skills of triathletes in motion, and high tech testing, formulation of individual plans of achievement will be instituted. Training hard will not be emphasized; training right will be. Through Periodization, the right amount of mileage/time, the right amount of exposure to the elements, the right amount of energy output, at the right time, the right amount of nutrition, and the right amount of recovery and rest, will be emphasized and coached, along with becoming more efficient.

A highly technical computer program will be utilized to tweak the triathletes individual level of achievement and commitment. The individual Training Plan will be evaluated, and updated, at strategic points on the calendar to insure all slated races are tracked, and training time, skills, intensity, and duration will be formulated to meet/exceed the athlete's goals and objectives.

Continuing Education from USA Triathlon
Swim Nutrition
  • Dynamic Open Water
  • Advanced Swimming Techniques for Elite Level Athletes
  • Advanced Swim Stroke Analysis for Triathlon
  • Swim Training and Mechanics for the Triathlete
  • Swimming Efficiency and Application
  • Swim Faster Using Less Energy
  • The Triathlon Swim: Improving Technique and Training With Power
  • Open Water Swimming
  • The Great Swim Debate
  • Managing Body Composition & Advanced Triathlon Concepts
  • Hydration and Nutrition for Performance
  • Performance Nutrition For Elite Athletes
  • Fueling & Hydrating the Higher Level Triathlete from Research to practice
  • Nutritution & Hydration for the Cyclist
  • Metabolic Testing for Periodized Nutrition
  • Nutrition for the Multisport Triathlete
  • Triathlon Nutrition for Training and Racing
  • Race Nutrition in Depth
  • Fueling The Future: Nutrition Considerations For Youth and Juniors
  • Female Triathlete Nutrition
Bike Run
  • Connecting the Dots from Power Profiles to Metabolic Requirements to Training Programs: A Systematic Approach
  • A Focus on Performance: Lessons from the Pros
  • The Leomo Type R - Motion Analysis
  • Get Your Riders 15% Faster & On the Podium
  • Developing Cycling Specific Fitness and Finesse For Triathlon
  • Bike Fit To Enhance Your Coaching Business
  • Secrets To Speed On The Bike
  • Advanced Bike Handling Skills
  • Race Strategies and TacticsCycling Aerodynamics and Materials
  • Cycling Development for Triathlons
  • Advanced Cycling Concepts
  • Triathlon Cycling - Ironman to Draft-Legal
  • Aerodynamics in the World of Triathlon
  • Positioned For Speed - Aerodynamics for Bikes
  • Cycling & Power Performance
  • Essential Components of Run Preparation for the Elite Triathlete
  • Run Training for Triathletes
  • Running Mechanics at the Elite Level
  • Running Mechanics and Drills for Optimum Performance
  • Running Gait Analysis & Economy
  • The Keys to Running Efficiency and Economy
  • Running Mechanics and Drills, Peaks, Plateaus, and Valleys
  • High Tech Running
  • Run Training Principles To Stay Injury Free & Maximize
Training and Plan Development Power, Strength and Core Training
  • Youth & Junior Draft Legal Racing & Training
  • Video Analysis & Practical Application
  • Navigating Scientific Studies
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Future of Endurance Coaching
  • Olympic Development Program
  • Using Data Driven Techniques To Improve Athletes
  • Closing & Keeping Athlete Acquisition & Retention
  • Gold Medal Performance
  • Level I/Elite Periodization: Traditional vs Contemporary
  • Level I/Elite Informed Coaching/Approaches: The Coach as a Practitioner ScientistCoaching Elite/ITU Athletes: Individual & Team Dynamics
  • Athlete Monitoring & Assessment
  • Science & Practice of High Intensity Training For High Performance Athletes
  • Leveraging Data To Coach: Historical & Future Perspective
  • Increasing Female Participation in Triathlon
  • Periodization for Advanced/Elite Athletes
  • Integrated High Perfomance Coaching
  • Learning from the Past Olympic Experiences & Applying It To Future Success
  • Creating Financial Stability While Following Our Passion
  • Peaking & Training for Triathlon
  • Recovery Modalities
  • Training of the Elite Endurance Athlete: Physiology "Checklist" Data
  • Mental Skills Preparation
  • Exercise Addiction in Endurance Athletes
  • Elite Mentorship Program - U. S. Olympic Training Center
  • Olympic Qualification Process
  • Advanced Periodization Planning
  • Multi-Sport Planning Theory
  • Race Day Energy Management and Tactics
  • Transition - The Fourth Event
  • Real World Training - What you don't learn in the Lab
  • Sport Development
  • IJAA Junior Program Outline & Benchmark Information
  • Following The Functional Path To Becoming A Complete Triathlete
  • Ironman Training
  • Training Myths
  • Stress Based Periodization: DEsigning And Periodizing Training Sessions
  • Winter Triathlon What, When, Where and How?
  • Paratriathlete 101: Intro to Coaching the Physically Challenged Athlete
  • Development Pathway Options For The High School and Collegiate Athlete
  • Strength Training For Triathlon Power and Performance
  • Preparation for Competition to Maximize Performance
  • Core Training for the Triathlete
  • Complementing Triathlon Training Programs for Movement and Strength
  • The Intensity Equation
  • Critical Training Zones
  • Training for Endurance Performance
  • How to train with Power Meters
  • Training and Racing with a Power Meter
  • Power Meter Training on the Bike
  • Heart Rate Training
  • Off Season Strength and Conditioning for Triathletes and Coaches
  • Beyond the CORE: Training From the Ground Up
Sports Physiology  
  • Using Data to Go Beyond 'How are you feeling?'
  • NCAA Women's Triathlon
  • 5 Ways mental Training Can Enhance Performance for Triathletes
  • Your Body in the World: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Performing in Extreme Environments
  • Conscious Leadership & Coaching
  • Recovery:  The Key To Performance
  • Training of the Elite Endurance Athlete Physiology: "Checklist Data"
  • Level I/Elite LTAD Talent ID
  • Level I/Elite Professionalism
  • Level I/Elite Sports PyschologyMental Skills
  • Bioenergentics
  • Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Pulmonary Physiology
  • Muscle Structure
  • Muscle Adaptations
  • Cardiopulmonary Adaptations
  • Determinants of Endurance Performance
  • Your Body in the World - Adapting to Your next Big Adventure - Stanford University - Certificate of Distinction honors
  • Physiology of Cold
  • Physiology of Heat
  • Physiology of Aging
  • Physiology of Stress
  • Physiology of Altitude
  • Physiology of Variable Pressure

USAT Certified Coaches are required to take 20 hours of continuing education units every two years for their certification, as well for USA Cycling, too. The following courses were taken by Coach Bill for his certification and re-certification. Others were taken to achieve his need for excellence in training athletes to their highest level of commitment and ability.

Coach Bill with
Dave Scott

TEAM in Training Smart Coaching: National Triathlon Coach Certification, by Dave Scott.

Bill signed on with TEAM in Training, affiliated with the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society for fundraising. In Washington, D.C., Bill attended the TEAM in Training National Certification Clinic. He was trained and coached at the clinic by Dave Scott, six time winner of the Hawaiian Ironman. He brings this high level of training for coaching to all of his clients along with his USA Triathlon Certification, Level II. He has been responsible for training the triathletes for St. Anthony's International Distance Triathlon, Florida 1/2 Ironman, and the Disney World International Distance Triathlon You can check out the TEAM in Training website by clicking this logo , or go to the Sponsor/Links page and click on with that icon.

Coach Bill with
Hunter Kemper
Hunter Kemper, the first 3 time Olympian in triathlon,and finished 7th in the 2008 Olympic Triathlon at Beijing, with Coach Bill at a USA Triathlon Champions' weekend. We met up with Hunter again at the New York City Triathlon, and watched him train in the pool during Coach Bill's Elite Mentorship Program at the U. S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs,Colorado. Formerly ranked number one in the world, and a multi-year number one at the Elite National's, besides many other wins of the highest of ranking, including the Lifestyle Fitness Triathlon. A fierce competitor and a nice guy, a rarity in today's world.

Race Results
2017 National Age Grouper

EPIC Olympic Triathlon Festival      1st
Believe Strong Olympic Triathlon 1st
Father's Day Olympic Triathlon 1st
Spring Fling Olympic Triathlon 1st
Lake Manatee Olympic Triathlon 1st
National Age Grouper


Long Boat Key Triathlon 3rd
EPIC Olympic Triathlon Festival 1st
Breathe Strong Triathlon 1st
Scenic 17 Triathlon 1st
Jacksonville Olympic Triathlon Series #2 1st
Father's Day Olympic Triathlon 1st
Spring Fling Olympic Triathlon 1st
National Age Grouper

2014 Gator Half Triathlon (1/2 IM) 1st
Orlando Triathlon @ Baldwin Park 1st
Marineland Olympic Triathlon 1st
Father's Day Olympic Triathlon 1st
Health First Triathlon 1st
Marco Island Triathlon 2nd
Long Boat Key International Triathlon 2nd
Daytona Speedway 1/2 Marathon 7th
National Age Grouper

Amelia Island Olympic Triathlon - 1st
Marineland Olympic Triathlon - 1st
Roy McConnell Breathe Strong Olympic Triathlon - Orlando -1st
Lake Butler Olympic Triathlon - 1st
Dunedin Triathlon - 4th
Marineland Olympic Triathlon - 1st
Spring Fling Olympic Triathlon - 1st
Wildman Olympic Triathlon Festival - Orlando 1st
Brandon 1/2 Marathon - 5th
National Age Grouper


Fall Festival Sprint Triathlon - 1st
Health First Triathlon - 3rd
USA Triathlon National Championships, Burlington, VT - 44th
Moss Park Olympic Triathlon - 1st
Maderia Beach Triathlon - 6th
Spring Fling Olympic Triathlon - 1st
Brandon 1/2 Marathon - 3rd
National Age Grouper


Masters Championship - Olympic distance - 1st
Long Leaf Triathlon - 2nd
Health First Triathlon - 2nd
World Championships / Beijing, China - TEAM USA - 29th
Fall Festival Olympic Triathlon - 1st
Spring Fling Olympic Triathlon - 1st
Beach Running World Championships (sanctioned by USATF) - Cocoa Beach, FL - 2nd
National Age Grouper

2010 Masters Championship - Olympic - Orlando 1st
Longleaf Sprint Triathlon 1st
HealthFirst Triathlon 2nd
USA Triathlon National Championships - Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 19th, qualified for World Championships. Member TEAM USA
Fall Festival Olympic Triathlon - 1st
North Florida Olympic Triathlon - 2nd
Marineland Olympic Triathlon - 1st
East Pasco Sprint Triathlon - 2nd
Brandon 1/2 Marathon - 8th
National Age Grouper
2009 Masters Championship - Olympic Distance, Orlando 1st
HealthFirst Triathlon1st
Chaotic Cotee Man Triathlon 3rd
Moss Park Triathlon Festival 1st Olympic distance
USA Triathlon National Age Group Championships, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 27th (flatted in transition)
Orlando Triathlon - 2nd
Madeira Beach Triathlon - 5th
Zephryhills Spring Sprint Triathlon - 2nd
Gasparilla Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon - 37th
National Age Group Qualifier
Brandon 1/2 Marathon - 5th (PR/course)
Phinley Holiday Phun Run 10k - 2nd
2008 Masters Championship - Olympic distance: Orlando - 1st
LongLeaf Triathlon - 1st
Health First Triathlon - 2nd
Sommer Sports Summer Sprint Series: Clermont - 4th
Fall Festival Olympic Distance Triathlon - 2nd
Heartland Triathlon - 4th
Madeira Beach Triathlon - 10th
Orlando Triathlon - 2nd
TriAmerica National Triathlon Series tour - 1st
Zephryhills Spring Sprint Triathlon 1st
Gasparilla Distance Classic Marathon 19th
Brandon 1/2 Marathon - 6th
National Age Group Qualifier
2007 Masters Championship: Orlando 1st
Longleaf Triathlon2nd
HealthFirst Triathlon 1st
Sand Key Triathlon 1st
New York City Triathlon, Olympic Distance 17th
Orlando Triathlon 2nd
Zephryhills Spring Triathlon1st
Disney 70.3 (1/2 Ironman) 16th
National Age Group Qualifier
Gasparilla Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon 13th
Brandon 1/2 Marathon - 4th
2006 Brandon 1/2 Marathon 4th
Mad Beach Triathlon-USAT Regional Championships 3rd
Clermont Summer Sprint Series 3rd, 6th, 2nd, 5th
Heartland Triathlon 2nd
Moss Park Triathlon 2nd
National Age Group Qualifier
2005 Mad Beach Triathlon-USAT Regional Championships 10th
Clerrmont Summer Sprint Series 6th, 8th
St. Anthony's International distance Triathlon 22nd
National Age Group Championships, Kansas City, MO
Invitee to World Championships, Hawaii, 2005
2004 Siesta Key Triathlon 5th
Mad Beach Triathlon-USAT Regional Championships 11th
Clerrmont Summer Sprint Series 5th, 5th, 6th, 7th
Sand Key Triathlon 3rd
St. Anthony's International distance Triathlon 23rd
2003 Top Cop Triathlon 2nd
Father's Day Triathlon 4th
Englewood YMCA Triathlon7th
DuTri Triathlon 5th
Siesta Key Triathlon 8th
2002 Top Cop Triathlon 1st
Crystal Springs Triathlon 7th
Siesta Key Triathlon 7th
2001 River Hills Rapids Triathlon 2nd
Top Cop Triathlon 1st
St. Petersburg Triathlon 9th
Tri-umph Triathlon 7th
2000 Top Cop Triathlon 2nd
1992 The Great Floridian Triathlon (Ironman distance) finisher
The Florida Challenge Triathlon 1st
Tarpon Springs Triathlon 8th
Athletic Background

As you read a few of my athletic achievements, please note that my experience in endurance competition is broad while also shown are those with a high degree of skill and agility. The reason you are given these is so you will know the quality of athleticism, and what you can expect from your coach. I have competed in triathlons since 1988.

SAILING/CANOE RACING winner of the World's Longest River Regatta (1978), 2nd in the World's Longest River Regatta (1977), winner of the Rudder Club's Fall Series Races (1977), 3rd in the Founder's Day Regatta (1977), participant in many other sailing races, winner of 17 mile Citrus County Canoe Race (1974), 4th in 1st Annual Tampa Naval Reserve Canoe Race (1974), 3rd in Treasure Island Canoe Race (1974)

TENNIS Rated 5.5 on pro scale to 7, winner of doubles National Sales Meeting for Bausch & Lomb, winner of singles at National Sales Meeting for Ciba Vision Care, winner of doubles round robin tournament at National Sales Meeting for Ciba Vision Care. City Champion in Paddle Tennis in Tampa, Florida

BASEBALL/SOFTBALL Little League All Star - 2 years, Babe Ruth All Star, letterman high school baseball, City League All Star - fast pitch softball

MANAGERIAL/TRAINING BACKGROUND A background in sports is vital for an on hands experience, however, to coach effectively, experience in managing and leading is the important ingredient to draw out of the athlete his best, at the right time, in the conditions given, with the attitude of accomplishing our agreed upon goals and objectives. While I can not list all of my accomplishments, these will give you the background needed to make a conscientious decision on my becoming your coach.

STORE MANAGER formerly with Temple Terrace Schwinn, directed annual triathlon seminar for beginning to immediate triathletes, responsible for sales, training of personnel, merchandising and assisting in product selection, operations of the facility. Expert bike fitting and aerodynamics and bike race preparation

REGIONAL/DISTRICT MANAGER/TRAINER For both Ciba Vision Care and Bausch & Lomb, the hiring of sales representatives, sales development through representatives growth plans, dollars achieved, administration of representatives tracking systems, and promotional opportunities.With Bausch & Lomb - 2 time Pinnacle Club winner, Southeastern Salesperson of the Year, With Ciba Vision - 2 time winner of the Distinguished Performance Award in sales, winner of the Distinguished Performance Award in sales management, District Trainer - Hallmark Cards (Ambassador Division), District Trainer - Bausch & Lomb, Regional Trainer - Ciba Vision Care

OTHER LEADERSHIP AREAS Den Leader/Cub Scouts, President of church youth groups, selected as one of the Outstanding Young Christians in Tampa, president of homeroom classes, Chaplain of Collegiate Civitan Club, Student Council, guest speaker at the University of Tampa on marketing, originated and implemented the 1st Annual Tampa Naval Reserve Canoe Race, member of the Board of Governors/Rudder Club (public relations) - Jacksonville, Florida, Assistant Scoutmaster - responsible for 7 merit badges for counseling,Elite Mentorship Program from USA Triathlon