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Triathlon Camps and Clinics

Each clinic will be limited to 20 triathletes, and all sessions are held on Saturday mornings, including the Hills clinics. There are no refunds, no exceptions.

Clinic Schedule

February 11th  Preparation – Base – Build Triathlon Clinic

6 hours of coaching – handouts for each 2 hour session

Covers the critical points of knowing how to prepare properly with the right amount at the right time, along with how to create your base mileage/yards for strength and speed, and the right amount of miles/yards for the Build portion to give you the muscular endurance to not just finish, but to compete. 

$125.00 per person – 6 hours - Bike/Run sessions at Courtney Campbell Causway; Swim session at Sulphur Springs Pool


March 11th  Hills Cycling/Run “brick” Triathlon Clinic

Learn the right way to use the hills other than just riding them.  Learn how to use elevations of various degrees to get the same strength and speed you need with less time on the hills.  Speed work and drills are focus strictly for hill work w/ FORM that coincides with the varying elevations, both on the bike and the run, and both ascending and descending.                                         

$85.00 per person – 2 ½ hours - San Antonio, Florida

March 25th  Elite/Advanced Singlet Tri Clinic                                     

6 hour clinic at advanced to Elite/Pro level.  Too strong for you; may not be right, however, if you want to become a faster and more efficient triathlete in your

workouts, training and competition, this will give you more than you will need. 

 Are you ready for this level?                                  

If you have 20 or more triathlons completed, and your commitment level is to put all efforts into each sport, than attend, or, be invited.  Each attending triathlete who finishes the entire clinic will be given a TriFloyd racing tri singlet and a embroidered TriFloyd visor.                                                                     

$125.00 per person – 6 hours – same day - Courtney Campbell Causeway


April 8th  OWS Clinic for IRONMAN, 70.3 & Olympic Triathlon

A 3 hour clinics, in the water, with full coaching, on learning how to use open water to your advantage in a triathlon for speed, strength, and knowledge of reading all of what nature gives to you.   Become faster simply by doing more than just sighting and your regular swim speed. Pro, Elite, Advance, Intermediate Levels.                                                

$50.00 per person – 3 hours - Courtney Campbell Causeway

April  29th  Advanced Bike Handling Skills  

An art in itself of learning how, and knowing when to use bike handling skills for speed, turning, balance, strength, need in an emergency, plus more.   You will be tested, you will see the vast amount you did not know about handling a bike (which we can all ride), but also learning how to use skills that are specific for triathlon at a faster pace, from learning bike handling skills.

$40.00 per person – 2 ½ hours - San Antonio, Florida


May 13th  Build – Peak – Race Triathlon Clinic

Learn the last parts of Periodization, the Olympian form of athletic development in triathlon.  The Build stage is really important for muscular endurance,however, the peak stage is critical for bringing all of your hard work together along with the finalization of getting your speed to where it needs to be for an upcoming race, along with Race Week and Race Day final tweaks that you will not see in a book or magazine.  Both the Preparation Clinic in February and this one are corrdinated together to work together for a stronger journey into triathlon competition                                                                    

$125.00 per person – 6 hours - Courtney Campbell Causeway


July 8th  Compact Bike Handling Skills Clinic

For the “newbie” to the intermediate, will learn some of the more critical elements on riding a bike, along with a few of the necessary bike control methods and balance.   A really good one even if you have done 30 triathlons or more!                                                                          

$25.00 – 1 ½ hours - Suncoast Trail - highway 54 trailhead


August 12th   Skills & Drills Triathlon Clinic

One of the best TriFloyd holds for the year, as it well give the newbie an unbelievable amount of coaching and information, and, all the way to the Elite/Pro

level who wants to get a strong refresher in the skills and drills you will need to become more  successful than you are now!                                                                              

$125.00 – 6 hours - Courtney Campbell Causeway


October 14th   Advanced Cycling for the Serious Cyclist

Learn from one of the only 50 Elite Level USA Cycling Certified Coaches in the world, cycling technique and skills designed for you to become a stronger and faster cyclist.  A few areas that will be covered and coached are balance, shifting, positioning and confidence at the levels you will need to move up in your age group, not stay where you’ve been.

$100.00 – 2 hours - Courtney Campbell Causeway


November 18th    High Performance Tri Run Clinic

For the intermediate to the Elite/Pro level triathlete, designed with more sophisticated techniques, methodology, and complicated speed work.   You will learn more than enough to move forward in your training as well as in your racing, no matter what the distance.                                                                       

$70.00 per person – 1 ½ hours - Courtney Campbell Causeway


December 2nd    Cold Water Swim Sessions

For those trying to learn to acclimate to cold water open water swimming.  5 total sessions, all with 15 minutes of coaching at each one, followed by an assigned OWS of 1.2m – 3.2m.  Excellent for those swimming open water getting ready for shorter OWS of 4 miles or less using a wetsuit, or, not.                                                        

$9.00 per session, or, $40.00 for all five if paid in advanced.  First one is December 2, 2017 - Courtney Campbell Causeway



All right, now that you have read and checked them out, reserve your place in those selected as we only accept 20 per Camp/Clinic.  Send in your check to:

Bill Floyd  (make your check out to Bill Floyd – a return receipt via email will be sent back to you once the check has been received)

14415 Hellenic Dr.  #103

Tampa, FL  33613

(813) 977-1585

Events Schedule

Trifloyd's Annual Swim/Run Race
July 4th

Trifloyd's 8 Mile Swim
Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Trifloyd's Annual December 4 Mile Run
Saturday, December 14th

New Year's Day Annual Free 20 Mile Bike Ride
Join us on January 1st, each year