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2022 8 MILE SWIM Results

Hi 8 MILE SWIMmer's -

                             Well our 14th Annual 8 MILE SWIM went well without any incident.  Each one of you who swam had one of the best focus 
groups of the swimmers from the many swims before yesterday.  I was really proud the entire day to see each one with a stronger cadence, a 
sense of swimming straight in the open water, and for the amount of sighting going on, yet, keeping your heads down longer between each time to sight.
FYI, the Pro's in triathlon will sight from 20 - 50 strokes between sightings.  When I competed, I was in the 20 range, especially for the Olympic distance.
So, Sunday I was impressed with each and everyone of you!
                             As this was a challenge, and not a race, per se', I watched as a coach to see all that was being done right, and the few areas 
that might need improving.  Here are just a few of those areas, in generality:

                             .  sighting was good to totally impressive
                             .  cadence was strong, higher in a couple of you, yet, as a swim coach will say 'you're moving water!'
                             .  always try to have your kayaker next to you so he can do the sighting for you, but keeping you going forward
                             .  if the waves are too high have your kayaker go to the other side to help block the waves from keeping you from breathing
                             .  bilateral sighting is critical when there is a shoreline for you to focus off for even a straighter line
                             .  make sure you are taking in fluids even when the water is cool and the day is fine, and don't forget about some food intake!
                             .  Over the winter, either take some lessons or research it through google, for a kick which is strong but easier for the long swim, i.e.,
                                                 a windmill kick
                             .  for open water, a relaxed hand (with fingers ever so slightly apart naturally), will move water than a closed finger hand
                             .  when at home, learn to sit on your feet to flatten each foot so it stretches backward and not pointed downward, even a little
                             .  practice a strong cadence, but with the current, hold your reach for 1/2" longer, and for against the current, increase your cadence by 
                                                 1 - 3 per minute more often.

                             What I saw totally was a group of tenacious swimmers, with a goal and objectives in mind, and with the need for speed!  From the shoreline, 
it just seemed like each of you were really enjoying the moment the entire eight miles!


                             Tom Rich                                                  3:33:45                                                1st Gentleman
                             Trevor Faulk                                             3:35:49                                                2nd Gentleman
                             Jessica Kennedy                                      3:47:00                                                1st Lady
                             Rich Schoenborn                                      4:48:35                                                3rd Gentlemen
                             Hilary Cohen                                             5:30:35                                                2nd Lady
                             George Raffa                                                                                                        DNS

                             HALF CENTURY CLUB (over 50 years of age and swam a marathon - 6.2 miles in open water or further)

                             Rich Schoenborn                                         9
                             Hilary Cohen                                                3