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2011 8 Mile Swim Results

2011 8 Mile SwimI think it has taken me up to this point (four days) to recover and truly realize I actually did swim the 8 miles! I just wanted to write and thank you for all of the hard work you and the volunteers put into making the swim a success for all who participated. I am most grateful for Rick, who kayaked beside me the whole way. He did an amazing job navigating me right to the finish point. Best of all, he encouraged me every stroke of the way. Thank you, again, for a great experience! I look forward to March when the Wednesday OWS swims begin, again.

Amy King

Current record holder Tim Kennedy - 3:24hr

1. Tim Kennedy 3:24hr new course record
2. Mark Smitherman 3:42hr
3. Bart Cobb 4:01hr
4. Ann VonSpiegelfeld 4:13hr
5. Tom Dixon 4:22hr
6. Maureen Montgomery 4:26hr
7. Pat Mazulli 4:27
8. Amy King 4:47
9. Jason Fulford 4:53hr
10. David Jones 5:26hr
11. Elizabeth Gettings 5:30hr
12. Sean Woodward 6:22hr
13. Sean Donoghue 6:43hr